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Here at Flynns Daisy Patch we love pets and particularly dogs. Our Family all have pets. We also respect the creatives of this world and look to provide a means for average people to enjoy and support artists. We believe the world is ready to support artists and enjoy their work. It is time to bring art into our everyday lives. Dogs can proudly wear the canvas of original art. 


Christiana, the artist, cousin and niece, has Patches and just got Sterling. Patches is the 5 year old dachshund and full of energy. He has all the dachshund traits. Sterling is just a puppy and an English Springer Spaniel. Both are pure breeds. Christiana favors pen and computer graphics. She loves color and uses art for both her profession and her “therapy”. 

Christiana "They are not good dogs but they have a good heart."

Brian, the technician, creative, son and cousin, has Flynn. Flynn is a 4 year old rescue. He came from a rescue operation at a Pet Smart. They have had him tested and he is an American Bull Terrier and Shih Tzu mix. Brian proudly calls him his Bull Shih. Brian is the creative genius behind the website and coordinating the logistics of our supply chain from idea to presenting art to your dog. 

Brian "He is a bullshit. part shiatsu and part American staffed terrier."


Anne and David are the seniors and financial and technical fashion of our group. They are Aunt, Uncle, Mom and Dad. Daisy and Wickit are both rescue dogs. Daisy came from Bounce Rescue in Fort Collins,CO. Wickit came from a breeder. Daisy is a Chihuahua and Terrier mix. She has not been tested. So, there is no telling what other breeds may be helping her be special. Daisy is four years old. So we know he is Chihuahua, Toy poodle, and Brussels Griffon. Anne and David help keep Flynn’s Daisy Patch moving forward and provide technical background.

David: “Anne promised me a dog that weighed at least 20 lbs. When Daisy grew to just under 10 she decided to make up the difference with Wickit.”